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The Horizontal Directional Drills (HDD) made by DHTT is designed for the construction of pipelines of various purposes, including fiber-optic and power lines, water supply systems, gas and oil pipelines, etc.From the compact DH280-L to the heavy-duty DH5800-LL,our rig products are characterized by high power, high configuration, fuel economy and durability.
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Dehang Heavy Industries is a member unit of ISTT (International Society of Trenchless Technology) and CSTT (China Society of Trenchless Technology). It is a large enterprise group specializing in research, development, manufacture and service of trenchless horizontal directional drilling machines. The headquarters of enterprises is located in the important strategic intersection of "one belt and one road" - Yancheng, China.
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New Upgrade, New Painting,New DH50T
The new DH500/1000-L push-pull and rotation adopts closed system, which avoids the drawbacks of high oil tem...
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DH6000-LL Drilling Rig Gas Pipeline Project Successfully Crossed
The construction site is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. 813 steel pipes with a length of ...
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DHTT Self-Developed DH3500-LL Successfully Offline
On the evening of May 10, 2019, DHTT engineers completed the new model DH3500-LL independently developed and...
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